OIDFOrganisation Ingenierie Developpement Formation (French: Engineering Education Development Organization)
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The OIDF noted that Apple did well by adopting OpenID Connect, a standardized method of logging onto third-party applications.
The differences, which can be read (https://bitbucket.org/openid/connect/src/default/How-Sign-in-with-Apple-differs-from-OpenID-Connect.md) here , "reduces the places where users can use Sign In with Apple and exposes them to greater security and privacy risks," OIDF chairman Nat Sakimura said.
OIDF said Apple should "address" the differences between Sign In with Apple and OpenID Connect, make sure that it is interoperable with OpenID Connect, publicly announce that it is compatible with widely-available OpenID Connect Relying Party Software, and join the OIDF.