OIDIOrchestra Internazionale d'Italia
OIDIOpen Interoperative Document Initiative (open file document format)
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Team Orion reiterates its position that OIDI's appeal be dismissed and that the DPWH decision disqualifying OIDI from the Calax bid must be upheld on the grounds that OIDI's bid was not only deficient but was also not reviewed for technical compliance," Team Orion said in a separate statement also Monday.
Team Orion hopes that OIDI also extend the same courtesy to the President should the President decide to reject its appeal and uphold the DPWH decision.
OIDI, in a statement Monday, said it would respect any decision handed out by President Aquino.
We vow to undertake the project if government decides to award it to OIDI and participate in case of a rebidwhether the original terms of reference are altered or retained," said OIDI, which noted that it stood by its appeal that it should be recognized as the highest bidder for the Calax project.
The "stay" order from Malacanang constrains the DPWH from awarding the tollroad project to Team Orion, which had submitted the highest bid after OIDI was disqualified.
On June 26, OIDI filed a formal notice of appeal to the Office of the President against the decision of Public Works Secretary Rogelio Singson and the special bids and awards committee to disqualify it from the bidding.
45-billion difference between the offer of OIDI and Team Orion.
Meanwhile, SMC's Ramon Ang said OIDI will join in the rebidding.
De la Cruz said that a day after the SBAC's order for OIDI to comply the SBAC, allegedly with the assistance of a Technical Working Group (TWG), "resolved to disqualify OIDI for failure to comply with the bidding rules with respect to the validity of its Bid Security despite the earlier clarifications and assurances made by both OIDI and its bank, ANZ Bank.