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OIDPOral Impact on Daily Performances (dental care; clinical study)
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Abbreviations WHO --Wordl Health Organization HRQOL --health-related quality of life OHRQOL --oral health-related quality of life C-OIDP --Child Oral Impact on Daily Performance ICIDH --International Classification of Impairment, Disabilities and Handicaps CPQ --Child Perception Questionnaire COHIP --Child Oral Health Impact Profile OIDP --Oral Impact on Daily Performance
In the study population the overall prevalence of OIDP was found to be lower than that reported by Zeng et al8 and Jung et al10, may be due to these studies were conducted upon individuals with older age group (>55 years), therefore the prevalence of oral problems and their impact was expected to be more than that in present study population but the prevalence was found to be higher than that reported by Pereira et al9 among elderly age group.
The oral impacts on daily performance OIDP inventory were unsatisfactory in 52.
For the long term, he ordered that the legislature provide funds to OIDP to pay additional attorneys, secretaries, paralegals, law clerks, investigators, and expert witnesses.
Descriptive analysis about DMFT and CPI index, all questions of GSHS, WHOQOL-Bref and OIDP instruments, was first conducted to characterize the study sample.
WHOQOL-Bref variables are distributed symmetrically, but OIDP indices are characterized by an asymmetrical distribution with many outliers.
The OIDP scores were formed multiplying the impact frequency by the degree of severity in each affected performance and then the performance scores were added, thus establishing the individual OIDP.
The variable OIDP, the outcome category, was initially divided into two categories (OIDP = 0/ OIDP > 0).
52), in Sudan with schoolchildren aged 12, using the OIDP, contrasts with these results.
Comparative validity of the OIDP and OHIP-14 in describing the impact of oral health on quality of life in a cross-sectional study performed in Spanish adults.
Dentre eles, pode-se citar o OIDP (Oral Impacts on Daily Performances--Indice de Impactos Odontologicos no Desempenho Diario), o GOHAI (Geriatric Oral Health Assessment Index--Indice de Determinacao de Saude Bucal Geriatrica) e o OHIP-49 (Oral Health Impact Profile--Perfil do Impacto da Saude Bucal), e sua versao mais curta, o OHIP-14.
Este fato foi verificado por Srisilapanan e Sheiham (23) que obtiveram uma reducao de 40 a 50,5% na necessidade de tratamento com proteses parciais ao utilizar o indicador OIDP associado ao clinico.