OIETAIOrganization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran
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Behrouz Alishiri, Vice-Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance and President of OIETAI, and Dr.
After six months of talks between the Iranian Foreign Ministry and Health Ministry with officials of Exim Bank, an MoU was penned last week at Iran's Embassy in Seoul in the presence of the Iranian ambassador and the governor of the Korean bank," Saieed Khani-Oshani an official in OIETAI told FNA on Monday.
Alishiri the Vice Finance Minister and the Head of OIETAI talked about the economic potentialities of the Non-Aligned Movement and said: "7 economic issues were discussed during the NAM summit and as the result a committee comprising the economy ministers of the NAM movement was set up".
In the meeting with a group of Brazilian investors, Head of the OIETAI Mohammad Khazayee underlined the strategic situation of Iran in the Middle-East, and said Iran great potential in the fields of transportation infrastructures and national resources can be utilized by foreign investors, specially by the Brazilians.
He added facilitating the implementation of the projects, identifying opportunities and removing shortcomings in cooperation are the approaches of the OIETAI to boost investment.