OIFPOffice of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor
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In recent years, the strategic objectives of the OIFP has grown to establish and pursue greater return and greater deterrent impact through the identification and successful prosecution of increasingly large and more complex cases, including in the Medicaid arena.
A review of the state Department of Law and Public Safety cited staff shortages as to why OIFP has been unable to fully use some $25 million in industry fees that fund its operation.
That authority to investigate civilly and charge civilly has been explicitly taken out of the OIFP.
It's being done to clear room for the 89 state employees from the OIFP who will transfer into Considine's newly anointed state Bureau of Fraud Deterrence.
This tax avoidance motive test is similar to the test in the OIFP rules, except that the OIFF rules refer explicitly to the avoidance of Canadian income taxes.
The FIE Rules substantially extend the OIFP rules, raising numerous policy and administrative concerns, as highlighted below.
the OIFP is an interest in a "non-resident entity" (other than a CFA of the taxpayer),