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OIGOffice of Inspector General (Department of Health & Human Services)
OIGOffice of the Inspector General
OIGOSPF (Open Shortest Path First) Interoperability Group
OIGOrganisation Intergouvernementale (French: Intergovernmental Organization)
OIGOrbital Information Group
OIGOrder of Ikhamanga (South Africa)
OIGObject Interaction Graph
OIGOptions d'Intérêt Général (French: General Interest Options)
OIGOberst Im Generalstabdienst (Colonel - Germany)
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The OIG grouped the cost savings in the cardiac surgery proposed arrangements into four categories.
OIG is currently assessing how efficient states are in following CMS guidelines, and their own, in investigating abuse complaints.
Other than the OIG bulletin there have been no other actions taken by the OIG to this point.
When analyzing the above proposal, the OIG noted that technically speaking, the cost-saving opportunities of opening trays on an as-needed basis, with the exception of the cell-saver items, were the only opportunities that would not trigger civil monetary penalty.
Evidence of a compliance plan, including documentation of education to employees, are factors the OIG will consider in the event a facility has an unintentional error in billing.
The current dispute with the Agriculture Department encompasses a variety of subsidy programs, outlined in the OIG audit.
outcome is to propose a strategy and a 3 year implementation roadmap for the OIG
CMS officials told HHS OIG that they agree that they ought to pay subsidies only for consumers who have paid their QHP premiums, but they said the IRS is the agency responsible for comparing what insurers say about the subsidy payments with what consumers report on the 1095-A forms.
Material loss reviews conducted by the NCUA OIG, as well as post mortem reviews conducted by (the) NCUA, have questioned whether the amount requiring CPA audits or agreed upon procedures should be lowered or required," the report said.
In the year after payment restrictions were removed, the use of Lupron and Eligard rose 31% while Trelstar use fell 74%, according to the OIG report.
Juan Villarreal, a dentist who owns Harlingen Family Dentistry and served on the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners for seven years, also said his practice was targeted by the OIG because of its success.
And so the OIG is now embarking on a new path--excluding top executives.