OIHOpioid-Induced Hyperalgesia (pain tolerance)
OIHOffice of International Health
OIHOtto Intze Haus (German: Otto Intze House; Aachen, Germany)
OIHOost Indisch Huis (Dutch: East India House; Amsterdam, Netherlands)
OIHOlympic Indoor Hall (various locations)
OIHOhio Industries for the Handicapped, Inc.
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Established OT and OIH were significantly reversed when the timing of the transplants followed repeated morphine injections.
The molecular underpinnings responsible for the development of analgesic tolerance show similarities with those involved in OIH (DuPen et al.
417,00), esto debido a los diferentes planes promovidos por el gobierno en apoyo predominante hacia las madres, esta informacion es reportada en detalle en el apartado de OIH de las planillas de credito.
It was concluded that Tc-99m MAG3 have some advantages over Tc-99m DTPA in terms of the image quality; it can replace I-123 OIH for routine renogram, DRF and parenchymal transit time evaluation, but it can't replace I-123 OIH for the evaluation of renal plasma flow.
Further research is needed to determine what percentage of patients given an opioid medication experience hyperalgesia, which patients are experiencing this phenomenon, and what is the appropriate course of action if OIH is occurring.
Sisli Etfal Egitim ve Arastirma Hastanesi, Cocuk Gastroenteroloji Birimi'nde Ocak 1998 ile Aralik 2009 tarihleri arasinda 35 olgu OIH tanisi ile izlendi.
Evidence for OIH comes mainly from human volunteer studies and small clinical studies in individuals taking long-term opioids.
By halting the signalling process, the researchers interrupted the OIH response.
The primary objectives of the present study are: (1) to derive OIH coalings with significantly improved barrier properties, (2) to maximize covalent bonding of sol-gel matrix with alloy substrate through Si-O-Al linkages, which is known to be an important factor for adhesion and hence corrosion performance of the system,(14), (15) and (3) to study and optimize the key compositional and sol-gel process conditions for maximum corrosion protection.
However, it is impossible to trade OIH without a sophisticated, nuanced grasp of the oil service industry's diverse segments (I actually consult petroleum engineers/offshore drilling specialists at times for help making sense of technical terms
ABRAHAM SIN OIH YU Livre-docente pela Faculdade de Economia, Administracao e Contabilidade da Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP).
Market Vectors Oil Services ETF (Ticker: OIH ) Assets under management1: US$1,074 million 30-day average daily trading volume1,2: 4.