OIICSOccupational Injury and Illness Classification Structures (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
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Injury and illness similarities among hospitals of different ownerships were also observed with respect to the part of body affected, defined by the OIICS as "the part of the body directly affected by the previously identified nature of injury or illness.
4) From 1992 to 2010, the OIICS divided falls to lower level into several subcategories that describe what the worker fell from--for example, fall from ladder or fall from roof.
In September 2010, BLS proposed its first major OIICS revision.
The revised OIICS enabled BLS to better match the criteria OSHA had provided.
Because these injuries require similar preventative measures, OIICS 2.
Although both versions of OIICS are organized hierarchically by four-digit numeric codes, the new version eliminated the "0" subsection from "Event" and "Source.
There are nearly 20 years of BLS injury, illness, and fatality data coded according to the 2007 version of OIICS.
7) Many of the examples of usage of OIICS codes are taken from Northwood, Sygnatur, and Windau, "Updated BLS Occupational Injury and Illness Classification System.
The Bureau published its first major revision to the OIICS (version 2.
2 codes on which it was loosely based, and in 1995 ANSI adopted the OIICS as the American National Standard for Information Management for Occupational Safety and Health (ANSI Z16.
7) OIICS is also used to classify the source of the fatal occupational injury.