OIIOOrdre des Infirmières et Infirmiers de l'Ontario (College of Nurses of Ontario)
OIIOOutside-In, Inside-Out
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Les infirmieres consignent des donnees objectives et subjectives, et ce, sans porter de jugement de valeur ni interpreter les donnees (Harmer & Henderson, 1939 ; OIIO, 2009).
Our main test variables are total institutional ownership, IO, defined as institutional investors' dollar investment in the firm's equity as a percentage of the firm's total market value of equity; the ownership in the firm by bank's trust departments, BTIO; the ownership by insurance companies, INSCIO; the ownership by investment companies, INVCIO; the ownership by independent advisors, IAIO; and the ownership by the other types of institutions, OIIO.
Similarly, BTIO is the ownership in the firm by the bank's trust departments; INSCIO is the ownership by insurance companies; INVCIO is the ownership by investment companies; IAIO is the ownership by independent advisors; and OIIO is the ownership by the other types of institutions.