OILCOffshore Industry Liaison Committee (trade union for oil drilling workers; Aberdeen, Scotland)
OILCOptimal Iterative Learning Control
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Jake Molloy, of the OILC offshore union, said: "There is substantive trade union membership in the company and the workforce will vigorously challenge cuts.
Jake Molloy, of offshore workers' union OILC, called for the men to be offered counselling to help them cope with their "near-death experience".
But oil union leader Jake Molloy, of the OILC, said a switch would make no difference.
But the offshore workers' union, OILC, said dozens of rigs were coming to the end of their lives and North Sea production could end in as little as five years.
And Jake Molloy of offshore union OILC added: "It's just wonderful.
Jake Molloy of oil union OILC backed the Thistle Alpha's "reasonable" safety record, saying there had been no major incidents in recent years.
A further 500 cuts are expected in the contract sector, and Jake Molloy, general secretary of the OILC union, warned job losses in the oil industry threatened safety.
Jake Molloy, of the OILC, said: "I've got no idea why they would want to bring it offshore with them in the first place.
Jake Molloy, general secretary of rig workers' union OILC, said: "A strike by the helicopter pilots would bring the industry to a standstill.
Aberdeen-based OILC union Jake Malloy said: "I think Shell reacted as they should, but whether they should have done it earlier is something they and the safety committee will be looking at.
Unions Unite, RMT and the OILC welcomed the decision.