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OILRIGOxidation Is Loss Reduction Is Gain (mnemonic/acronym for how electrons are lost or gained in reactions; chemistry)
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Tim Maurer, co-director of the Cyber Policy Initiative at Carnegie, said the motives behind the OilRig attack may include gathering intelligence and storing information for publication at a specific point in time.
The protests have been triggered by China's decision to move its Haiyang Shiyou 981 oilrig into disputed waters in the South China Sea.
The film tells the story of Hanna, a lonely woman who is hired to nurse Joseph, a burns victim on a North Sea oilrig, whose condition needs to be stabilized before he can be transferred to a hospital.
Lamprell PLC (LAM.LN), an oilrig engineer, has signed a letter of understanding with Maritime Industrial Services Co.
The icon on the website for the festival is a large shrimp with a hard hat on, wrapped around an oilrig in the midst of the Gulf.
We should thank the miners and oilrig workers every day for the danger they go through to supply us with the necessary power to leave on the tv or lights while we go off to another room.
Horizon offshore oilrig explosion is determined and require
Caused by an exploding oilrig operated by PEMEX (Mexico's national oil company) in roughly 300 feet of water 50 miles northwest of Ciudad del Carmen, that spill released more than 146 million gallons of oil before relief wells were drilled nine months later.
Weeks later, an oilrig exploded off the coast of Louisiana, and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill began.
ELEVEN oil workers were still missing last night after a giant explosion on a BP-hired oilrig off the Louisiana coast.