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OILSOnboard Controller in the Loop Simulation
OILSOklahoma Indian Legal Services, Inc. (Oklahoma City, OK)
OILSOpen Integrated Learning Systems (UK education)
OILSOn-Site Industrial Lubrication Services (Overlake Oil; Kirkland, WA)
OILSOrganic Ionic Liquid Solvent
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Bounderby, 'when I was four or five years younger than you, I had worse bruises upon me than ten oils, twenty oils, forty oils, would have rubbed off.
There was only one danger--that my joints would rust; but I kept an oil-can in my cottage and took care to oil myself whenever I needed it.
Just then the drop of oil fell, and the boy caught it in his bottle and immediately corked it tight.
Olson, Whitely, Wilson, Miss La Rue, and myself disembarked, while von Schoenvorts and his German crew returned to refine the oil.
I never saw such a thing as paraffine oil is to ooze.
After a sufficient quantity has thus been collected, the oil undergoes a purifying process, and is then poured into the small spherical shells of the nuts of the moo-tree, which are hollowed out to receive it.
Just then his eye fell upon the lanterns and the can of kerosene oil which Zeb had brought from the car of his balloon, and he got a clever idea from those commonplace things.
Standard Oil and Rockefeller--see upcoming footnote: "Rockefeller began as a member .
Again he was ab- sorbed in his duties as agent of the Standard Oil Company.
Her mother prepared her a basket of provisions with all sorts of good things, and a goat skin full of wine; the girl now got into the waggon, and her mother gave her also a golden cruse of oil, that she and her women might anoint themselves.
He ordered another--an oil sketch of the Lackawanna freight depot--to take back with him.
It is a land of oil, true enough; but not like Canaan; a land, also, of corn and wine.