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OIMBOregon Institute of Marine Biology (University of Oregon)
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Inspectors will use the Inspection Report Form, which indicates punitive measures in case of violation, and such must be duly signed by the OIMB inspector.
Andrews was in an aquarium at OIMB and may actually have been collected in California (L.
SAM was assisted by the students of the OIMB Marine Molecular Biology class 2008 (Laurel Hiebert, Kenta Tsutsui, and Sara Wykoff) in obtaining the sequence data from Antarctonemertes phyllospadicola.
Aquaria for long-term maintenance at OIMB consisted of a row of six recirculating tanks (150 1 each) connected to a titanium-coil seawater chiller set at 7-8 [degrees]C.
Adult mussel maintenance Collection date Months maintained Month induced at OIMB June & October 2002 2-5 December 2002 June & October 2002 3-6 January 2003 February 2003 0.
Compliance with the new rules will be be monitored by the OIMB and its field offices through unannounced inspections and random testing of pumps as well as sample testing of fuel products either on site or at the DOE's laboratory.
We want the people to know that the government is doing what it can to make sure that the fuel products and the LPG cylinders they buy meet the standards," OIMB Director Melita Obillo said.
The OIMB was further empowered "to verify, validate, authenticate and inspect all documents and information required from, given by or obtained from such person for compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.
Following the issuance of such permit, however, an authenticated copy of the mayor's/business permit must be submitted to the OIMB within 30 days from issuance of the provisional SCC.