OIMCOklahoma Indian Missionary Conference
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On our way to the brief, word was passed over the OIMC, "Man down.
Analysis of Survey of Pastors, Laity Members, President of United Methodist Women and Youth of the OIMC, October 23, 1983, through December 11, 1983, question 62, p.
Preventive medicine DrKhaleel Al Shaikhli, senior consultant in neurology, said that the OIMC will take place every two years and will also focus on 'preventive medicine' to help raise awareness about how a healthy lifestyle can contribute to preventing or delaying certain diseases.
Hilal bin Ali bin Azzan al-Hadhrami, Dean of OIMC said in his speech "Today we celebrate the graduation of new batch of OIMC, the young and promising scientific edifice that has enjoyed since its inception a significant move in development, progress and attention in all aspects and levels.