OIMSOperations Integrity Management System
OIMSOffender Integrated Management System (Australia)
OIMSOffice of Interagency Medical Services (US Marshals Service)
OIMSOrder and Inventory Management System
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He said: "If we can create a meaningful OIM network across industry, where they also sit at times with safety reps, then we will have a very powerful network that is actually offshore and does not necessarily depend on onshore teams leading the way.
"An OIM network would be crucial to getting through our priorities for the next couple of years and onwards.
As shown in Table 1, extracts that promoted strong antioxidant effects including flower stage 1 (OIFL1), mature seed (OIMS), whole fruit (OIWF), pedicel (OIPC), and leaf (OIL) extracts contained high amounts of total phenolic compounds and total flavonoids (higher than 4 g% GAE and 3 g% QE, resp.).
"Psychologically, these decisions are exactly the same as the ones airline pilots and OIMs have to make."
Or, as the paper quoted Glenn Murray, Exxon's manager of corporate safety, when asked if a cost-analysis study had ever been done on OIMS.
The failure of the OIMs to cope with the problems they faced on the night of the disaster clearly demonstrates that conventional selection and training of OIMs is no guarantee of ability to cope if the man himself is not able in the end to take critical decisions and lead those under his command in a time of extreme stress.
(246.) See ANDREW HOPKINS, SAFETY, CULTURE AND RISK: THE ORGANISATIONAL CAUSES OF DISASTERS 3-5 (2005) (describing the company's Longford gas plant explosion as evidence of the poor implementation of OIMS).