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OINAOpen Interface North America
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Oina will be part of Gardner Denver's Medical Segment.
Compression equipment company Gardner Denver Holdings Inc (NYSE:GDI) disclosed on Monday the completion of the acquisition of Oina VV AB for a net purchase price of around USD10m in cash.
18328 din 21 martie 1898 prin care se instituie concursuri anuale de oina, publicata in Monitorul Oficial din 15 aprilie 1898, in "Buletinul Oficial al Ministerului Instructiunii", nr.
She said: (11) Hoka-ri-v fi ngai a-me, hoka-ri here.PX-PSNV-PL 3SG.N.FOC 1SG 1SG.S-continue here.Px-PSNV fi ngai a-fifi, hoka-ri fi 3SG.N.FOC 1SG 1SG.S-sit here.PX-PSNV 3SG.N.FOC oina o-fifi.
Throw at a distance contest (with tennis or oina balls): 4 x 2 min, 30 sec break
Values of the arithmetical mean--TBO (m)IT, initial testing; FT, final testing; m, meters; Group of Basketball, Football, Handball, Control; TBO, Throwing the ball at oina. meters I.T.
All of them groups were tested in: 50mp event, long jump with run up, throwing the little ball (oina) with 3running steps and 800m events.
The motor indicators that were targeted in this study were: the distance speed run of 50 m, pull-ups at boys and abdominal muscles strength at girls, standing long jump and with take off, force back muscles, resistance run-1000 m boys and 500 m girls and throwing the oina ball.
In oina ball momentum toss, 2 competitors achieved tosses of over 60 m evaluated with over 70 pts, 20 succeeded in obtaining at least 50 pts the equivalent of 46.5 m, while 6 competitors placed themselves below the 40 m limit.