OIPOdyssey Investment Partners (Delaware)
OIPOffice of International Programs
OIPOriginal Italian Pizza (various locations)
OIPOffice of Infrastructure Protection (US DHS)
OIPOrder Intercept Point
OIPObservatoire International des Prisons (France)
OIPOhio Innocence Project (criminal justice)
OIPOracle Internet Procurement
OIPOperations Improvement Program (various organizations)
OIPOffice of Information and Privacy (US DOJ)
OIPOffice of the Iraq Programme
OIPOpportunity Incentive Program (Cisco Systems)
OIPOther Interested Parties
OIPOregon Internet Properties (real estate; Eugene, OR)
OIPOperator Interface Panel
OIPOrganizational Inspection Program
OIPOffice of Institutional Planning (various locations)
OIPOutput Intercept Point
OIPOrganización Internacional de Periodistas (Spanish: International Organization of Journalists)
OIPOptic Internet Protocol, Inc.
OIPOil Impregnated Paper
OIPOffice of International Partnerships
OIPOrganisation Internationale de Psychophysiologie (French: International Organization of Psychophysiology)
OIPOrder of Immediate Possession
OIPOperations Integration Panel
OIPOperating Internal Pressure
OIPOpen in Private
OIPOncology in Practice
OIPOperational/Ordnance Improvement Plan/Program
OIPOverhaul Inspection Procedures
OIPOffice and Industrial Park
OIPOriginal Iron Pin (surveying)
OIPOptimization with Input and Program Variables
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Based on these results, the range of services provided by an OIP should be considered by investors as an initial indicator.
However, in letter ruling 9509039 the IRS said the bargain element in an OIP would not be a taxable constructive dividend when
Raw material : 420 kv 2500 a oip bushing, 800 kv 2500 a oip bushing
With Ooredoo's revamped OIP fixed line service, business customers can stay connected to their clients with up to 1,000 voice minutes, international calling discounts of up to 35%, unlimited CUG and unlimited internet with speeds up to 350 Mbps.
Jean-Charles Terrien, marketing manager of high performance imaging at e2v said: "We are very pleased to have continued our successful relationship with OIP and supplied high performance image sensors for the Proba-V mission.
Delivering advanced silicon and manufacturing technologies as early and completely as possible to the company's customers is a chief goal for TSMC and its OIP design ecosystem partners, he stressed.
Top performing dealers honoured at the event include Computer Field, Alpha for Computer, Computer Express Services, Ink World, Smart Systems and IT Market for their significant contributions towards the growth of various Canon OPP & OIP Products in Jordan, the company said.
OIP, the study noted, is the office that is supposed to provide FOIA guidance to the rest of the federal government.
This example also illustrates another important aspect of Phase II OIP analysis--segmenting process improvements into appropriate categories to facilitate prioritization and planning.
- Four (4) Leads have potential to be larger than the Blina Oil Field which has an initial OIP of circa 5.7 MMbbls (with circa 1.9 MMbbls produced since 1981) and is the largest field so far discovered within this region of the Fitzroy Trough).
The test chip was implemented using a commercially available 20nm tool chain and design services provided by the OIP ecosystem and ARM Connected Community partners.
The subject of the order is the delivery, assembly and start-up of air conditioners: 3 pieces at the district labor inspectorate in bydgoszcz at plac piastowskie 4a and 9 items at the oip branch in wloclawek at ul.