OIPAOklahoma Independent Petroleum Association
OIPAOrganizzazione Internazionale Protezione Animali (Italian: International Organization for the Protection of Animals)
OIPAOffice of Intellectual Property Administration
OIPAOklahoma Independent Producers Association
OIPAOffice of Information and Public Affairs
OIPAOlympic Insignia Protection Act (Australia)
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Mages et al., "Helicobacter pylori HopH (OipA) and bacterial pathogenicity: genetic and functional genomic analysis of hopH gene polymorphisms," Journal of Infectious Diseases, vol.
pylori cuenta con mas de 30 genes codificantes de adhesinas, los genes caracterizados y mas estudiados incluyen a bab A, asociado con proteinas de union al antigeno Lewis B del epitelio gastrico; sabA para la union a Lewis X [22], y otros como oipA, hpaA, dupA, NAP y alpA/alpB, para los cuales se desconoce el receptor especifico de la proteina que codifican [26,27].
Outer inflammatory protien (OipA) may not only serve as an adhesin but also triggers release of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-8.6 Sialic acid-binding adhesion (SabA) mediates binding to glycoconjugates containing sialyl Lewis receptors.
" The society is becoming i biased against pets and pet owners," said Naresh Kadyan, India's representative at the International Organization for Animal Protection ( OIPA).
Australia amended its 1987 Olympic Insignia Protection Act (OIPA) to prepare for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, but still saw it fit to enact the Olympic Arrangements Act 2000 (OAA) and the Sydney 2000 Games (Indicia and Images) Protection Act 1996 (Sydney Act).
Mike Terry, president of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association (OIPA), says: "I think the administration was tying to aim their shot at Big Oil but what they did was hit independents right between the eyes", adding that the proposal could force some small independents out of business.
Mwanjekele okwa dulwa oikutu yaye kovayandjimayele ovo, moipafi yainamweno, nova hovela oku mu nyaya ndee tave mu yuvu oipa imwe komatundji aye.
"The OIPA and OKOGA represent virtually all of the public and private oil and gas companies actively investing capital in Oklahoma today," said OKOGA Chairman Wade Hutchings, senior vice president of exploration and production for Devon Energy.
OIPA's membership includes large and small drillers and oil-field service companies.