OIPCOffice of the Information and Privacy Commissioner
OIPCOffice of Indigenous Policy Coordination (Australia)
OIPCOrganisation Internationale de Police Criminelle (Interpol)
OIPCOhio Invasive Plants Council (Cincinnati, OH)
OIPCOntario Infrastructure Projects Corporation (Canada)
OIPCOntario Information and Privacy Commissioner (Canada)
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The task to ensure citizen participation in rate revisions fell unto the regulator (CEPR), and the utility consumer advocate (OIPC).
Approach/key features: The OIPC curriculum is informed by two models, Academic Plan (Stark and Lattuca, 2011) and IPE/IPC model (D'Amour & Onandasan, 2004).
Based upon OIPC estimates for the site today, the mean annual [delta][sup.18][O.sub.water] is -6.3% and seasonally adjusted (i.e., March-September, representing the most likely season of carbonate formation; [5]) mean [delta][sup.18][O.sub.water] is -4.1 [+ or -] 2.3 [per thousand] (Figure 8).
As shown in Table 1, extracts that promoted strong antioxidant effects including flower stage 1 (OIFL1), mature seed (OIMS), whole fruit (OIWF), pedicel (OIPC), and leaf (OIL) extracts contained high amounts of total phenolic compounds and total flavonoids (higher than 4 g% GAE and 3 g% QE, resp.).
The OIPC is organized for the first time in the Sultanate as an open international contest to all photographers the world.
In an effort to decrease infrastructure and support costs, OIPC is leveraging the many experts at the university and its commercialization center to keep costs to a minimum.
OIPC (Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination) 2006, New arrangements in Indigenous Affairs, FaCSIA, Canberra.
Pious resolutions from the OIPC website notwithstanding, the Howard Government does very little to help these people help themselves.
spell out what all partners--communities, governments and others--will contribute to bring about long-term changes which will achieve better outcomes for Indigenous communities' (OIPC, 2006).
In the coming months, the site will include recommendations from the OIPC and will feature privacy and access developments within the province or beyond.
L'Organisation Internationale de la Protection Civile (OIPC) en accord avec les autorites Saoudiennes, s'apprete a lancer une large campagne de sensibilisation [beaucoup moins que] afin d'encourager tous les pays musulmans a suivre l'exemple de la Protection Civile Algerienne [beaucoup plus grand que], a indique le Secretaire General de l'OIPC , Vladimir Kuvshinov , dans un message adresse au Directeur General de la Protection Civile (DGPC) le Colonel Mustapha El Habiri.