OIPDOffice of Instruction and Program Development (Montgomery County Public Schools; Maryland)
OIPDOffice of Isotope Production and Distribution
OIPDOrificial Insufficiency of Prostatic Ducts (pediatric radiology)
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The OIPD learned how to decide which solvers it needed and then contact and collaborate with solvers.
At about the same time this discussion was developing, OIPD found a high-quality solution for one of the open innovation challenges posted by the energy solution team--in work being done by a new-materials team at Research Park.
With this goal in mind, the company proceeded with a program to implement tools similar to those they had seen open innovation intermediaries use to facilitate intraorganizational knowledge flow--relying on OIPD and the other administrative structures put in place to support open innovation.
Via these tools, OIPD undertook the search, meeting arrangements, and coordination for collaborations on behalf of the researchers, taking the administrative burden off individual researchers.
OnePAd stands for "one point advice." This tool is intended to connect a solution-seeking team with a potential solver team through OIPD matching.
In addition to developing these tools, the OIPD also worked to continuously improve its evaluation system.
Despite the successes of the online tools, OIPD found that some researchers remained indifferent toward or skeptical about collaboration, whether internal or external.
To develop CoTs, OIPD analyzed project proposals to identify teams that developed similar technologies and arranged informal meetings of researchers in these teams.
The second factor was the coordination capability of the OIPD. When teams got stuck in collaboration obstacles, the OIPD identified the causes of the bottlenecks and helped both sides of the collaboration find win-win solutions.