OIPFOpen IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) Forum
OIPFOslo International Poetry Festival (Norway)
OIPFOpen IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) Forum (est. 2007)
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With revenues of nearly $16 billion, STC is also the OIPF's first member in the Middle East.
Sami Al Zomaia, director of data and broadband services at STC, said: "STC joins the OIPF to be able to influence and network with related companies so as to learn, influence and contribute to IPTV technology and services in the future."
That's why given our FFTH project we are delighted to now become members of the OIPF in order to be help contribute to its successful development and bring these exciting new products and services to our home market."
Dr Nilo Mitra, OIPF president, announced the new members at the Forum's 22nd plenary meeting in Montreal, hosted by Rogers Communications, Canada.
Section 2 presents a generic IPTV architecture, while section 3 describes standardization efforts such as TISPAN, OIPF, ITU-T and ATIS specifications for the next generation IPTV.
The Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) aims at developing open and interoperable end-to-end specifications for IPTV.
To help local enterprises vie for the huge market pie, the government here hence invited a number of interested IOPF members, including Sony of Japan, Intel of the U.S., Ericsson of Germany, France Telecom, Telecom Italia, etc., to the "matchmaking" meetings during OIPF.
Accordingly, OIPF members generally look at Taiwanese enterprises with favor, for they have had edges respectively in sectors of chipsets, servers, TVs and set-top boxes, and have shown determination to include them in their supply chains of such devices based on IPTV (Internet protocol television) 2.0 standards.
In fact, the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) also suggests the use of this parameter for the purpose of bookmarking.
Verimatrix sells a Video Content Authority System (VCAS) that enables rights across multiple types of devices, including the Open IPTV Forum's (OIPF) Marlin DRM scheme.
The company has worked with the OIPF and also telecom supplier Ericsson, which has an IPTV ecosystem that is in use around the world.