OIPTOverarching Integrated Product Team
OIPTOhio Institute of Photography and Technology (Dayton, OH)
OIPTOverarching Integrated Process Team
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Finley directed program managers to perform DAES presentations instead of the OIPT leaders--who direct MDAP oversight and review activities.
Multiple theoretical perspectives point to the relevance of operating environments to external integration, including transaction cost economics (Williamson, 2008), the resource-based view (RBV) and its variants (e.g., knowledge-based view of the firm) (Grant, 1996) and OIPT (Galbraith, 1973).
Excellence coordinates with the OIPT to improve interoperability and
Use of the DAES meeting as a forum for programmatic decision-making has been growing over the last 2 years to the point where DAES meetings have become equal to OIPTs in the amount of detail covered.
* Coordination of WIPT activities with the OIPT members.
The Marine Corps will initially chair the OIPT, and the chairman position will rotate among the four military services.
An updated template for presentations to the Army OIPT will be posted to the Acquisition Information Management (AIM) system.
Landon, an OIPT leader for over eight years, encouraged the use of SE as a method of "looking left and right" to make a program successful and resolve problems.
Over the last 18 months, DS has organized 15 DAB reviews for many of the Department's key weapons programs and led the overarching integrated product team (OIPT) to ensure that the Department's leadership has the right information, at the right time, to be able to make sound technical, business, and programmatic decisions.
As the time for completion of the ACTD approaches, an overarching integrated product team (OIPT) should be formed as a successor to the TIPT.
Senior DoD leadership uses meetings such as the Defense Acquisition Board (DAB), defense acquisition executive summaries (DAEs) reviews and overarching integrated product teams (OIPTs) to address life cycle sustainment and management decisions.