OIPTOverarching Integrated Product Team
OIPTOhio Institute of Photography and Technology (Dayton, OH)
OIPTOverarching Integrated Process Team
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Coordination of WIPT activities with the OIPT members.
The OIPT will include representatives of all Services, the Joint Staff, Joint Forces Command, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and combatant commands as appropriate.
An updated template for presentations to the Army OIPT will be posted to the Acquisition Information Management (AIM) system.
The OIPT completes the remainder of the transition reviews (cost, schedule, and performance) in preparation for transition to acquisition.
Accomplishing the activities necessary for the ACTD to be included as an acceptable TTI program, if appropriate, is another duty of the OIPT.
Use of the DAES meeting as a forum for programmatic decision-making has been growing over the last 2 years to the point where DAES meetings have become equal to OIPTs in the amount of detail covered.
The kinds of changes being considered under Lean Six Sigma include reshaping meetings such as IIPTs[integrating integrated process teams], OIPTs [overarching integrated process teams], and DAES [Defense Acquisition Executive Summary].