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OIRAOffice of Information & Regulatory Affairs
OIRAOffice of Institutional Research and Assessment (various locations)
OIRAOfficial Irish Republican Army
OIRAOffice of Indian Royalty Assistance (US DOI; Oklahoma City, OK)
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In addition, over the last three decades, OIRA has issued several bulletins and memoranda elaborating on these executive orders, including OMB Circular A-4 providing agency guidance on preparing regulatory impact analysis, (59) bulletins articulating good practices for guidance documents, (60) data quality, (61) and peer review, (62) principles for risk analysis, (63) and others.
Agency proposed rules are also subject to OIRA review, which puts them through a rigorous economic analysis.
OIRA aims "to promote a well-functioning process of public comment, including state and local governments, businesses large and small, and public interest groups.
The shift has added clout to the OIRA administrator role, and outside groups from across the political spectrum have awaited Obama's selection with significant interest.
Not only are fewer regulations emerging from OIRA review, but they are being submitted at a pace that is about half of that during Obama's first three years.
In 2003, OIRA issued Circular A-4 to guide agencies in conducting RIAs, and in 2011 President Obama reinforced E.
The key responsibility of OIRA and OMB is to conduct coordinated
While he talks about the Derry civil rights marchers' worries about what the "maverick" OIRA might do on what became Bloody Sunday, it is important to note that the most senior O1RA officer in the city, Malachy McGurran, was also a member of the executive of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association, the organizers of the march.
The memo is a positive step in working toward regulatory reform and easing the massive small-business regulatory burden, however OIRA has always faced an uphill battle as a relatively lean federal office with oversight of a massive federal bureaucracy.
This determination by OIRA seems on its face somewhat implausible, given the consequence of SIFI designation to the regulation of important financial institutions," says Scott, whose full-time job is Nomura Professor and Director of the Program on International Financial Systems at Harvard Law School.
However, the administrator of the OIRA appointed by President Barack Obama is Cass R.