OIRFOccidental Institute Research Foundation (Canada)
OIRFOld Island Restoration Foundation (Key West, Florida)
OIRFOffice of International Religious Freedom (US State Department)
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yj](n) denote the GIRF and the OIRF at time t + n respectively, when there is one standard error shock at time t to the jth variable in an m-variate VAR with [y.
This section provides empirical illustration to compare the implications of the GIRF with those of the OIRF.
I report the ordering-free GIRF and the OIRF with an ordering [i c g y@ to a government expenditure shock in Figure 1.
I implement another example to better understand why there may be such differences between the GIRF and the OIRF.
3) The OIRF recursively identifies the structural shocks by using the Choleski decomposition factor of the covariance matrix, which yields a unique lower triangular matrix.
4) That is, GIRF and the OIRF coincide for the shock to the first variable in [y.
6433, seccion 205 de la IRFA) que, de mayo a mayo, solo examinara --a diferencia del informe anual de la OIRF que analiza todo Estado-- aquellos paises que violaran o que toleraran violaciones de la libertad religiosa (53).
Este Instituto trabajara en estrecho contacto con la OIRF y consultara periodicamente a la USCIRE