OISIOphthalmic Imaging Systems, Inc. (eye care)
OISIOffice of Industrial Security, International
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They first optogenetically stimulated a 'source' area in the right hemisphere with a beam of light and then observed a left hemisphere 'target' area with OISI. "The benefit of this combined method is precise targeting of neurons that are made light-sensitive through optogenetics, without having to make any guesses about where they might be connected," says Nakamichi, "We know from anatomy and electrophysiology that left and right hemispheres are connected through the corpus callosum, but now we can see just how precisely the two sides mirror each other." The new method allows this without making any assumptions about retinotopy -- the map of the visual world that is consistent from eye to brain.
OISI'S primary responsibility is to advise and assist cleared US contractors and personnel in their overseas operations.
OISI recognizes that overseas contractor duty stations are thousands of miles away from their home offices and thus not in ready reach of their facility security officers.
OISI also serves as a central collection point for clearance records on contractor personnel.
A NAB statement said: 'According to the media reports, the company had failed to install 450 RO plants awhile some of the installed plants had not been working properly despite maintenance services were assured by the Pak Oisis.' It said that owing to negligence and inadequate maintenance of RO plants, some of them were closed and people were suffering.
Moscow Heritage at Oisis Point is published in both Russian and English, and some 300 copies were delivered to architects, bureaucrats, developers and, not least, to Mayor Luzhkov and the President of Russia.
Berkeley; Sisira and Premachandra Athukorala (1987) Macroeconomic Policies, Oisis and Growth in the Long Run: Sri Lanka.