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Families on the list with a trouvere in some branch of the lineage include Bethune, Coucy, Cysoing, Dargies (illus.1), Marberoles, Mauvoisin, Nesles (Somme), Oisy, Trie and the Counts of Soissons.
Tenders are invited for Repair of the pavement of the streets of Oisy and Huiches and repair of a part of the bordering street of the Station on the commune of Bourlon
Place of performance and delivery: Municipalities of Armes, Billy-sur-Oisy, Brves, Chevroches, Clamecy, Corvol-l%Orgueilleux, Courcelles, Entrains-sur-Nohain, La Chapelle-Saint-Andr, Menou, Oisy , Oudan, Trucy-l%Orgueilleux, Varzy, Villiers-sur-Yonne.