OITSOrchestra in the Schools (Monterey, CA)
OITSOffice of Information Technology Services (various locations)
OITSOrissa Information Technology Society (India)
OITSOak Island Tourism Society (UK)
OITSOperations, Infrastructure and Technology Standards (European Payments Council)
OITSOpera in the Schools (West Bay Opera; Palo Alto, CA)
OITSOffice of Information Technology Solutions
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Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Information and Technology (OIT) released its 2017 Year in Review to celebrate the tremendous progress OIT has made in the past year toward creating a modern VA and an enhanced Veteran experience.
A second method can be used to determine OIT. Using measured values of the oxidation induction temperature (OITemperature) and the activation energy, the OIT can be calculated for a given polymeric material.
This paper reviews Gimzewski's method for calculating OIT from OITemperature, describes the experimental procedures used in the present research, and compares the results for the two methods for EPDM and XLPE.
The effects of hypochlorous acid on commercial-grade polyethylene pipe were measured using standard ASTM OIT methods after exposure in a 60[degrees]C aqueous solution of 5 ppm of free chlorine using calcium hypochlorite (7.3 ppm of calcium hypochlorite).
Initial OIT of the commercial pipe was determined to be 145 minutes.
Extender la competencia de instrumentos obligatorios de la OIT, de la ONU o de la OCDE a empresas y otras entidades globalizadas de natura privada enfrentaria ademas dificultades particulares.
Completan los Derechos nacionales del trabajo y el Derecho de la OIT, e incluso los mejoran sin substituirlos o transformarlos.
Oxidation induction time (OIT) measurements should be carried out according to the procedures described in Refs.
where "test" refers to the temperature at which the OIT measurement was performed, [Delta]E is the activation energy which is determined for the actual combination of antioxidant and polymer in the test, and R is the gas constant.
OIT reserves the right to add or not add new products/services and to negotiate pricing at time of offering.
OIT reserves the right to engage a technology sourcing expert/master agent to assist in the evaluation, consolidation, implementation and on-going management of the services as outlined.
The OIT measurements were carried out in a Mettler TA-3000 system equipped with a DSC 20 Standard Cell and a TC10A TA Processor.