OJKOtoritas Jasa Keuangan (Indonesian: Financial Services Authority)
OJKOstdeutsche Jaehrliche Konferenz (German: East German Annual Conference)
OJKOrust Jetski Klubb (Swedish: Orust Jetski Club)
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Further developments are on their way,' OJK deputy chairman Nurhaida said in Jakarta on Tuesday.
Musketeer's P2P platform, PT Technology Indonesia Sentosa, is among lending companies in Indonesia that have registered with OJK. Early this year, OJK laid out the pre-requisites for online lending players to register and obtain licenses.
Sarjito, OJK deputy commissioner of education and consumer protection, told CNA that he said to an audience of approximately 300 Indonesian migrant workers at a financial education program in Taipei Sunday "not to buy expensive products when you only have a limited amount of money and to please save money for your future."
Sharia-based mutual funds have different criteria from the conventional mutual funds, as set out in the former regulation called Bapepam-LK or now called as the Financial Services Authority (FSA) (or OJK, Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) Number.IX.A.13 stating that the selection of investment instruments and investment mechanisms should not be against the Sharia principle which does not impose measures such as usury, gambling, ambiguity, bribery, and exploitation (Ismal 2009, Wahyudi et al.
The OJK only came into existence after significant struggle.
Beyond providing finance for infrastructure, OJK sees foreign investment as a way to encourage consolidation among the country's more than 100 lenders, which serve a population of 260 million.
Se determino la sobreposicion de nicho (microhabitat) entre especies a partir del indice de solapamiento de nicho de Pianka (1986); Ojk = [suma]i PijPik / [suma]i Pij Ei; donde: Ojk = Medida de Pianka para la sobreposicion de nicho entre la especie j y la especie k (j y k), Pij = Proporcion del recurso i es el total de recursos usados por la especie j, Pik = Proporcion del recurso i, es el total de los recursos usados por la especie k, n = Numero total de recursos (para este caso son los tipos de microhabitats).
In Indonesia the deputy commissioner of Non-Bank Financial Industry under the Indonesia Financial Services Authority (or the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan, OJK) is the insurance regulator.
The concern of risks, or risk management in the public sector; however, remains limited to the banking and financial sectors, mainly at Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority (OJK), which compel bank and non-bank financial institutions to conduct risk analyses.
The Financial Services Authority of Indonesia, or OJK, has granted operating licences to ten new Islamic microfinance institutions, which are expected to empower communities and small businesses and generally improve public welfare in its target areas.
This seminar is a platform for us to give detailed explanations on the support and role of OJK and ICD to non-bank financial institutions to further develop its Shari'ah business.