OJQOrganizata Joqeveritare
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The enormous difference between the first and second essays of OJQ are seen in the previous statement.
Marshall Berman (1999) believes that much of Marx's early writing, especially OJQ, "was self-abusive and self hating" (94).
Unfortunately, we cannot detach the second essay of OJQ from the work in its entirety, although certainly some have tried.
In 1844 Marx published two essays under the title On the Jewish Question (OJQ) as a critique of Bruno Bauer's essay of the same name.
For the sake of clarification the parting words of the first essay of OJQ is worth quoting at length: Only when actual, individualized man has taken back into himself the abstract citizen and has become a species-being in his everyday life, in his individual work and his individual circumstances, only when he has recognized and organized his own powers as social powers so that social power is no longer separated from him as political power, only then is human emancipation complete.