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OJTOn-The-Job Training
OJTon the Job Training
OJTOrgan Jazz Trio (Ken Lovern)
OJTOffice de Justification des Tirages (predecessor of OJD)
OJTOn-the-Job Teacher (education model; workplace literacy)
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These two properties of the solution imply that a young worker supplies less human capital than a middle-aged worker because of differences in OJT even if both workers have exactly the same level of formal education.
As OJT helps Soldiers to meet short-term training goals, counseling pushes them to see long-term career goals as a MI professional.
In her IDP, she combined OJT to learn technical procedures with formal training on software techniques.
Target participants: Regional OJT Programme Coordinators
OJT has a long history in the professional sector as well.
The assignments for entry-level education, work experience in a related occupation, and OJT go together, in that they represent the typical path to enter an occupation and become competent at performing it.
This OJT program is critical to providing young workers with real operation practices to conduct safe operation.
The current method of providing OJT for 3-levels using out-of-hide resources is adequate at best and needs improvement.
As part of their commitment to DAS, apprenticeship programs monitor a student's OJT hours and partner with a Local Educational Agency (LEA) to develop the supporting classroom component.
According to Spears (1995), internship or OJT is often described as a time when theory is applied to real-life setting; we believe that the relationship between theory and practice is more complex than that.
Structured OJT is a systematic process for coaching employees by direct superiors or colleagues at the workplace through actual work.
The difference is that either the unit is providing the training or the Soldier has already acquired the skills through OJT.