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But essentially I was OK, thanks for asking, Jamie Oliver.
Jon Phillips, director of training at St John Wales, said: "Carla and Leo's experience shows that knowing what to do in those vital first minutes of an emergency situation could dramatically increase your chance of survival and I'm so pleased to hear that Leo was OK, thanks to Carla's knowledge.
Stanford was taken to hospital after the crash, but British Triathlon posted on Twitter: "Non is doing ok, thanks for all your concern, we'll pass on your good wishes to her.
And we earn around pounds 100,000 a year - so we're doing OK, thanks Michael.
Mrs Flanagan said: "She eventually got a phone off someone and contacted us to let to w let us know she is OK, thanks be to God.
OK, thanks to yesterday's Record, we now know that the mobile phone arrived 25 years ago.
And when a wellwisher asked how he was feeling, the ex-Spurs and England ace said: "I'm OK, thanks.