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OKCOklahoma City
OKCOkCupid (dating website)
OKCOpportunistic Key Caching (wireless networks)
OKCOdontogenic Keratocyst
OKCOK Computer (name of a Radiohead album)
OKCOntario Knife Company (Naples, NY; est. 1889)
OKCOklahoma City, OK, USA - Will Rogers World Airport (Airport Code)
OKCOrganizational Knowledge Creation (theory)
OKCOhlone Kids' Club (Palo Alto, CA)
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MAG LPS RADIOHEAD OKNOTOK There's no need to further extol the virtues of OK Computer.
Tonight, 20 years on from their now legendary set on the Pyramid stage and the release of the hit album OK Computer, coverage will feature the whole of Radiohead's set.
Irish fans will be treated to tracks from last year's criticallyacclaimed A Moon Shaped Pool, Radiohead's ninth album, alongside some hits from their classic 1997 album OK Computer.
When their 1997 album OK Computer came out I was obsessed with them.
RADIOHEAD'S OK Computer has been named the greatest album of the past quarter century by music fans.
The band have been described as "like the fun of The Rapture fuzzed up with the melodic distortion of OK Computer and the dirty, cocky blues of the Stones".
Radiohead's dense 1997 masterpiece OK Computer was third in the poll, followed by The Beatles' Revolver and The Stone Roses' self-titled debut.
I was told that their real masterpiece was OK Computer, so I dutifully picked up a copy and listened to it several times, trying really hard to like it, but as much as admired their overall sound and musical ambition, I could never really enjoy the recording.
It's been eight years since I've seen Radiohead live in the days before OK Computer propelled them to world-wide fame.
It's been said that this, their sixth long player, is somewhat of a return to vintage Radiohead, with the overall sound said to combine the best bits of the rocktastic The Bends, the slightly more thoughtful OK Computer and the creative departures of Kid A and Amnesiac.
Blood On the Tracks-Bob Dylan, Harvest-Neil Young, Abbey Road-The Beatles, Exile On Main Street-The Rolling Stones, OK Computer Radiohead, Gold-Ryan Adams.
Trying to top its landmark OK Computer, Radiohead leaves the whole rock-band thing behind