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OKAPIOpen Knowledge and the Public Interest (University of California, Berkeley)
OKAPIOpen Kernel for Access to Protected Interoperable Interactive Services
OKAPIOnline Keyword Access to Public Information (Polytechnic of Central London; UK)
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Looking part giraffe, part horse, part zebra, the rare Okapi is a naturally-occurring, distinct mammal that is endemic to the Ituri forest in Congo in Africa.
The researchers compared giraffe, okapi and cattle genomes to see what sets giraffes and okapis apart from other ungulates.
Radio Okapi reported Saturday that the bus carrying 70 passengers from Zambia got a flat tire, ran into something and caught fire.
This year staff have their work cut out as, in 2015, the zoo welcomed a host of new-borns including Sumatran tiger triplets, two Rothschild's giraffes and a rare okapi. Plus there were new species like Sunda gharial crocodiles arriving for the opening of the zoo's new Islands development - the biggest expansion in the history of UK zoos.
We now know that's not true, and their only genetic relatives are the okapi.
He also told Congo's Radio Okapi that the acquisition would not mean changes to the bank's present staff, and the bank will continue to provide quality service.
Most of these are still in my head, but Decapitated Okapi 1, Decapitated Okapi 2 and Trains A Comin' Through!
It is the fruit of a decade of work to add value to the local tourism offering, passionately undertaken by Isaac Sumba Maly, chief executive of Palma Okapi Tours.
napus cultivars Tassilo, Okapi, Elite, and Zarfam were studied for percentage of germination, growth parameters, soluble sugar, anthocyanin, flavonoid, proline accumulation, in shoots and roots.
The Zoo RTE One, 7pm This new series on Dublin Zoo features lots of new animals and their stories, from the arrival of the exotic and highly-endangered okapi to the birth of baby monkeys - a white-faced saki baby and pygmy marmoset twins.
It includes works by leading international artists and the UK premier of Gold Toned Okapi, 2007 - a work by Turner Prize winner Simon Starling.