OKBCOpen Knowledge Base Connectivity
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The ontology of a DISCIPLE agent is based on the frame knowledge model of the open knowledge base connectivity (OKBC) protocol.
The use of the OKBC knowledge model for the DISCIPLE ontology facilitates the import of ontological knowledge from the OKBC compliant knowledge repositories.
DISCIPLE'S ontology includes objects, features, and tasks, all represented as frames, according to the knowledge model of the OKBC protocol (Chaudhri et al.
For battlespace, the architecture is similar in that it is distributed and relies on the open knowledge base connectivity (OKBC) protocol, but of course, the components integrated by the battlespace architecture are different.
With OKBC and other methods, the HIKE infrastructure permits the integration of new technology components (either clients or servers) in the integrated end-to-end HPKB system without introducing major changes, provided that the new components adhere to the specified protocols.
Crisis-Management Integration The SAIC crisis-management architecture is focused around a central OKBC bus, as shown in figure 4.