OKHOberkommando der Heeres (High Command of the German Army, WWII)
OKHOld Kings Highway Regional Historic District (Massachusetts)
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Don had throated the barrel of my OKH before mounting it into the action.
There are three stems in OKh ending in -Vt-: pat-, hot-, and vavat- 'fall down'.
It is evident from the data that xylanase from OKH is alkali-tolerant and offers use in pulp and paper industries.
We know that the O'Neil-Keith-Hopkins team developed the .333 OKH, essentially the .338-06 with a .333-inch (.333 Jeffery) bullet, and the full-length .375 H&H case sized down to create the .334 OKH, which became the .340 Weatherby.
(7.) Records of the German Army High Command (OKH), (Microfilm), Combined Arms Research Library, U.S.
You can see them in and around at places like Malviya Nagar, Khirki village and Okh
One woman Nyidhuor Mading and three men, Achuk Kuach-yier Akuot, Malek Deng Okh and Manyok Ayom Magong, were killed.
C'est Rommel qui est choisi personnellement par Hitler contre le gre du grand etat-major de l'armee (OKH) et, nous dit Kitchen, il le presente a Mussolini comme << 'the most exceptional (verwegensten) tank general that we have in the German army' >> (p.
In a short essay entitled "The basic facts of the Sixth's Army's operations at Stalingrad," written in June of 1945, Paulus repeatedly describes his efforts to convince both the OKH and Hitler of the necessity to withdraw the 6th Army.
But carrying a colossal chip on his shoulder and mistrusting his generals, Hitler had reduced the OKH, the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces, to a mere executive organ, a secretariat "whose only raison d'etre was to translate Hitler's ideas and instructions into the terminology of military orders." And Hitler preferred his own much vaunted intuition to experience.