OKNOOsrodek Ksztalcenia Na Odleglosc (Polish)
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Since 1999, Okno has detected and measured more than 10 million space objects, traced around 5,000 new high-orbital space objects, monitored 560 spacecraft orbit insertions, and recorded more than 200 maneuvers of various-purpose foreign spacecraft.
However, all Okno component parts will start working only now.
"During the summer training period, it is planned to carry out state tests of the entire Tajikistan-located Okno optoelectronic facility for tracking space objects and to put it on duty," Zolotukhin added.
Like an eye embedded in stone (the eye, oko, is in the window, okno), consciousness seems to be neither in the world nor even of the world but merely a window on the world, embedded in a thick wall of words incapable as abstractions of capturing the particular and indivisible.
Fedorov; 1924), A Window on the Country (Okno v derevniu, Meierkhol'd; Shestakov; 1927), and The Sorceress (Kol'dunia; 1922) (Figure 8: Bakhrushin Museum photograph).
(26) dom 'house' (*domb), izba 'room' (*istbba), grod 'fortified settlement' (*gordb 'fence'), krokiew 'rafter' (*krokb 'leg'), piec 'stove' (*pektb 'device for baking'), prog 'threshold' (*porgb), okno 'window' (*okbno), sciana 'wall' (*stena), wieza 'tower' (veza 'tent, yurt, movable shelter'), wrota 'gate' (*vorta), podloga 'floor' (from *podloziti 'to put something under something else'), wrota 'gate' (*vorta), sklepienie 'vault' (*sbklepb 'cellar', sbklepnoti 'to connect')
Development of such cooperation will be carried out with consideration of national and strategic interests of Moscow and Washington primarily, rather than interests of the Central Asian states.As for Russia, it retains the air base in the town of Kant not far from the capital city of Kyrgyzstan and two military bases in Tajikistan - in the capital city and in a Tajik town -- as well as Okno space tracking station near Nurek.There are no Russian military bases in Kazakhstan (except Baikonur cosmodrome, which can be considered nominally as Russia's "military presence" in Kazakhstan), Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
(5) An exception is Kira Kornilovich's short, popular work Okno v minuvshee (Leningrad: Iskusstvo, 1968).