OKWOld Key West (Disney Resort)
OKWOne Kill Wonder
OKWOber-Kommando der Wehrmacht (WWII German)
OKWOld King William's (College alumni)
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The German dilemma was expressed neatly in an OKW memorandum from May 1942:
Although the entire Army Group B was most definitely desperately overextended, to explain the defeat of the 6th army purely as a result of insufficient support from Berlin (which was partially caused by misleading reports about the Russian resistance sent to the OKW by Paulus himself) appears unsatisfactory, if not contradictory, considering Hitler's obsession with Stalingrad.
After this final inquiry the OKM seemingly gave up--OKM July 5 letter to Seekriegsleitung Amtsgruppe U-bootswesen and OKW Foreign Department concluded, particularly in taking into account Hitler's demand to continue negotiations only if it is done on Estonian initiative.
OKW Cars is a joint venture between Oliver and father Keith, who owns Team Valley-based graphics and print group Gate Seven.
To see the approval procedure at work, for example, Ministry of Church Affairs to Supreme Command (OKW), 22 May 1944, BA-MA Freiburg, RH 15/272, 216-17; Church Affairs to OKW, BA-MA Freiburg, RH 15/272, 116; same file, Bunke, "Bericht der Wehrmachtkommandantur Berlin," 18 December 1943; OKW (Gruppe S) memo to military bishops, 21 March 1944, 113; report of Gestapo Hanover on Pastor Friedrich Voges, in Deputy Chief Command, District XI, to OKH, 17 November 1944, BA-MA Freiburg, RH 15/270, 25; and church ministry files re: chaplains, BA Potsdam, 51.
Of note, the OKW believed this exaggerated order of battle through the remainder of the war, simplifying future Allied deception efforts in the Mediterranean.
The German OKW, however, found it too radical and risky.
OKW (Bridgeville, PA) has extended its DATEC-TERMINAL range of multi-format sloping front enclosures by offering a choice of front panels and covers which can be milled and drilled to mount keypads, displays, and membrane keypads.
20 -- OKW has introduced 'SHELL-TYPE' range of plastic enclosures, which offer a selection of sizes, styles and battery compartments.
At the same time, the OKH's timidity vis-a-vis Hitler and the OKW allowed an opening for Himmler's SS to become a dominant player in occupation policies.
Megargee focuses on the OKH (Supreme Command of the Army) and the OKW (Supreme Command of the Armed Forces), but has little to say about the officer corps of the navy or air force.