OKWOld Key West (Disney Resort)
OKWOne Kill Wonder
OKWOber-Kommando der Wehrmacht (WWII German)
OKWOld King William's (College alumni)
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(16) OKW, "Instructions for the Behavior of German Soldiers in Romania," January 11, 1941, NARA T-501/281/000230; Forster, 338; and DHM, "Build-Up and Action of the Romanian Army."
Each of them, including the OKW itself, jealously guarded its labour pool.
(241) The reason for this planning game was the need to elaborate further the planned attack on the Soviet Union on the basis of the OKW instruction of July 1940.
Although the entire Army Group B was most definitely desperately overextended, to explain the defeat of the 6th army purely as a result of insufficient support from Berlin (which was partially caused by misleading reports about the Russian resistance sent to the OKW by Paulus himself) appears unsatisfactory, if not contradictory, considering Hitler's obsession with Stalingrad.
(78) The military officers were Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, Chief of the High Command of the Armed Forces; Colonel-General Alfred Jodl, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht or OKW); and Admiral Erich Raeder, Commander of the Navy (Kreigsmarine).
Despite three service chains of command, service differences, and the increasingly paramount role of Adolf Hitler via the OKW (Supreme Command, Armed Forces) in military decisions, senior Germans ensured the cooperation of professionals.
Both the Chief of Staff of the High Command of the Armed Forces (OKW), Wilhelm Keitel, and his lieutenant, the Chief of the Wehrmacht operations staff, Alfred Jodl, had been artillerymen and staff officers in the conflict: their battle had been an indirect one, although Keitel had been wounded.
I suggest once more that the OKW [Oberkommando der Wehrmacht] indoctrinate the soldiers on this point, but I don't expect much.
On February 23, 1940 a meeting of German High Command, with Hitler, Grand Admiral Erich Raeder, the Commander of German Naval Forces, General Wilhelm Keitel, the Chief of staff of OKW (20), and General Alfred Jodl, the Chief of OKW's Operation Section participating, took place.
The High Command (OKW) and Hitler as commander in chief come in for plenty of criticism as well for failing to appreciate that a world war is always a sea war.
And Oliver expects OKW Cars to turnover pounds 1m in its first 12 months, selling around 16 cars annually.