OLADEOrganizacion Latinoamericana de Energia
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The suggestion by Olade and Morton (1985) from mineralization features, that the Benue Trough lead-zinc deposits be assigned a distinct category (riftogenic) is considered inappropriate for the following reasons.
Accordingly, the GECF's partnership with other international energy organisations such as APEC, EUROSTAT, the IEA, OLADE, OPEC and UNSD to create the JODI Gas World Database, under the careful guidance of the International Energy Forum and assuming our role of supervising the quality of gas data, is an important achievement and demonstrates the fact that the GECF is expanding its role beyond its members and contributing to the global gas markets in a more effective way.
Furthermore, and in accordance with Fuser (2011), there are already plans to expand the lines of electrical interconnection between different South American countries, according to information from the Organization of Latin American Energy (OLADE).
[and ADP's] conform[ity] to a European way of life." Olade (1979, 19-20) informs "the few cases where such homosexuality did occur in any African society developed as the result of ...
Algunas de estas fechas han sido compiladas en un listado de privatizaciones por el Banco Mundial (2004) y en otros reportes que tratan el tema (Montero, 1999; CEPAL, 2001; Bortolotti, 2006; OLADE, 2006).
CSRC used software called Olympia to map the ministry's communications with third parties, including diplomatic missions of other countries and the Ecuador-based Latin American Energy Organisation (OLADE).
En ese sentido era de esperarse que Medellin, siendo el centro de operacionesde este cartel,fuera laciudadmasafectadaporla olade violencia.