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OLAFOffice Européen de Lutte Antifraude (French: European Anti-Fraud Office)
OLAFOracle Look and Feel
OLAFOhio Legal Assistance Foundation
OLAFOnline Application Form
OLAFOffice de Lutte Antifraude (EU-French)
OLAFOracle Look and Feel (Oracle)
OLAFOn-Line Archive Facility (Very Large Telescope Science Archive System)
OLAFOficina Europea de la Lucha Antifraude (Europe)
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A billateral cooperation agreement between the Bulgarian Interior Ministry and OLAF is being prepared and is expected to be finalized in May.
Borkovec denied publications in the media, which state that the fast career of the ex Agriculture Fund CEO was due to her "close connections with the OLAF representative in Bulgaria, Arnault Hainan.
OLAF denies this and states that it knew about Kimberley's lie and that its report was penned in the light of this knowledge.
The OLAF press office announced on Friday that it has a good cooperative relationship with the Bulgarian authorities, and will do everything possible to complete the investigation as soon as possible in accordance with operational procedures.
For some reason, however, in this instance OLAF put forward an "intelligence case" to the Belgians even though it was Commission information alleged to have been leaked.
Similarly, Gabrielsson explained that OLAF would never have told him to keep this information secret, but merely to be wary of how and who he communicated it to "so as not to disrupt the investigation currently taking place in Malta".
Where there are breaches, these people will be held responsible," the Minister said, while emphasizing the established coordination and cooperation between OLAF, the Interior Ministry and the Prosecution office.
The two discussed Bulgaria's progress in countering abuse of EU funds and collaboration between OLAF and the Bulgarian authorities.
FHB: OLAF is only seven years old and therefore a very young service compared to many of its national partners where you have investigative bodies like HM Revenue & Customs which can look back on a long history.
In the wider world, across the EU, Brussels-based OLAF can carry out raids and spot-checks on companies, charities and individuals under EU regulation 2185/96/EC, "to have access to information concerning possible irregularities".
Without going into too much detail, Denolf confirms that the committee's analysis has revealed "potential problems," and that recommendations have been sent to the director-general of OLAF, "which require a discussion with him on a more systemic level about the ways in which OLAF is conducting its investigations".
Bruner said that part of what has been seen as aloofness by OLAF in the past was actually at the request of its "key custodians in the European Parliament and in the OLAF supervisory committee", which had "asked OLAF to communicate less".