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OLAPOnline Analytical Processing
OLAPon Line Analytical Process
OLAPOracle Lap
OLAPOntario Lawyers' Assistance Program (Canada)
OLAPOffice of Legal Access Programs (US DOJ)
OLAPOil Labeling Assessment Program (engine oil testing)
OLAPOffice Luxembourgeois pour l'Accroissement de la Productivité
OLAPOnline Asynchronous Processing
OLAPOntario Legal Aid Program (Government of Ontario)
OLAPOverload Array Processing
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The teaching module of database-centric OLAP teaches how one can use databases professionally for BA, but does not teach database design or database construction.
To learn about the findings of this study, including the number of OLTP and OLAP database VMs that Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Microsoft SQL supported, read the report at http://facts.pt/0zt00k, the summary at http://facts.pt/zh81i5, and the infographic at http://facts.pt/7owedc.
OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing), which is used for analysis of multi-dimensional models in data warehouses provides a better support for decision making in the business information sector.
Starting on November 1, Galaktikasoft is selling new Ranet OLAP licenses and existing subscription renewals for 50% of the initial price.
Indexing OLAP data and joining indices was as follows Join index: JI(R-id, S-id) where R (R-id, ...) S (Sid, ...), traditional indices map and the values to a list of record ids, it materializes relational join in JI file and speeds up relational joining rather costly operation in data warehouses, join index relates the values of the dimensions of a star schema to rows in the fact table illustrated from fact table Sales and two dimensions city and product.
Under such a backdrop, to selectively introduce the computer audit mode based on OLAP from Western Countries has become the necessity for the current audit development of our country.
This system has several drawbacks including maximum I/Os usage, system not studied from performance perspective, do not use OLAP engine, requires user interaction, and does not rank measures.
Myth #1--You really need a cube-based OLAP BI solution
* OLAP analysis: design a multidimensional structure in which the main factors under analysis (year, month, day, time, minute, course, and module activity) will be taken as dimensions and later build OLAP cube in order to analyze the recorded data.
Abstract: OLAP is a multidimensional technology offering a complex view on aggregated data.
The solution includes a wide range of data marts, pre-built reports, OLAP cubes and purpose-built dashboards to satisfy the reporting and analytics needs in a variety of different areas, such as HIE administration, clinical quality and public health.