OLAROffice of Laboratory Animal Resources (various schools)
OLAROn-Line Addition Replacement
OLAROnline Addition and Removal (computing)
OLAROn-Line Add/Replacement
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To complicate matters further, a longitudinal study that followed girls annually noted that development of either primary breast are olar or pubic hair, usually breast, lagged behind maturation of the other factor in more than half the cohort (asynchronous maturation) (Biro et al.
So when we learned about the Covenant of Mayors, we found it logical to join," explains Olar Nord, head of the city's liaison office with the EU institutions.
Primer immun yanit sirasinda lenfositler prolifere olar ve fenotiplerini degistirir, antijene ozgu bellek hucresi gelisir.
P olar Ben's ability to show his form in today's conditions strongly suggests he will be somewhere near his best RP rating today and, if that is the case, he looks sure to go close.
When eighty-year-old Minnie Cave of Olar, South Carolina, learned that she was at last eligible to receive a federal pension, she politely remarked to a Newsweek reporter, "My, isn't nice of them to think of me?
of the US, 15% by Inversiones olar, and 15% by Inepropil.
If InGaN s olar cells can be manufactured in a production environment, they promise to be rugged, relatively inexpensive--and the most efficient ever created.
The editor of CWE 76-77, Charles Trinkaus, an eminent Renaissance sch olar who died shortly after these two volumes were completed, has written a long and thorough account (95 pages) of the history of the relations between Erasmus and Luther and of the debate between them.
a] with the polarizability and dipole moments of selected subsets of solvents reveal dispersive interactions that scale with the square of the polarizability, while dip olar interactions appear to behave in a more complex way that cannot be simply related to the magnitude of the dipole moment of the solvent.