OLBIOfficial Languages and Bilingualism Institute (University of Ottawa, Canada)
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Given that we did not find in the literature a Portuguese version of OLBI, in this study translation, and back translation, from the original English version by Halbesleben and Demerouti (2005) was performed, for development of the instrument based on the Portuguese language orthographic agreement (Ministry Science, 2008), being adapted for its application in university students.
Despite any discussion, it is worth noting that so far the psychometric properties of OLBI had been tested only on workers from various fields (Demerouti et al.
The results of this study confirm the two-dimensional structure of OLBI, previously described by Demerouti et al.
Another aspect to be highlighted is that in the content analysis (Table 2) only four items from OLBI were considered, by the experts, as essential for evaluation of the Burnout syndrome in students.
Tomando en consideracion que OLBI fue desarrollado para satisfacer los diferentes grupos profesionales, su uso en los estudiantes puede ser una alternativa interesante para MBI-SS aunque no fue disenado con ese objetivo.