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OLCOffice of Legal Counsel
OLCOhio Library Council
OLCOak Leaf Cluster
OLCOpen Learning Centre
OLCOriental Land Company (Japan)
OLCOriginal London Cast
OLCOn Line Computer
OLCOur Lady of Charity
OLCOregon Logging Conference
OLCOne Life Crew
OLCOpen Logical Channel
OLCOpen Loop Control (automation)
OLCOn Line Center
OLCOptical Loop Carrier
OLCOregon Lands Coalition
OLCOrlando Lacrosse Club (Winter Park, FL)
OLCOn Line Creator/Creation (MUD)
OLCOptical Layer Control (Lucent)
OLCOur Lady of Czestochowa (New Jersey)
OLCOnline Learning Center (various organizations)
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Bob McDonald, Senior Principal at OLC, has been with the firm since 1996.
One of OLC main goals is to ensure human capital matching the
In Cote d'Ivoire in 2015, the OLC team delivered training on improved nutrition to 4,000 cotton farmers and US$2 million worth of agri-inputs for staple food crops.
But the Securities and Exchange Commission delisted OLC, through a cease and desist order issued in March 2015, for 'offering, soliciting and selling unregistered securities in the form of investment contracts, pooling of funds and investment trusts.
constitutional and statutory layers of the analysis permits OLC to
Yet, the president stands by the OLC memo, which interprets RFRA to allow taxpayer-funded organizations to discriminate even where a statute forbids it.
Any inquiry into congressional priorities is thus likely to be futile, which is why the dueling accounts of those priorities supplied by OLC and its critics are both unpersuasive.
The new OLC is twice the size of the previous facility and offers: distance learning opportunities, including an international reach for web-based courses; a BIO Skills Lab with a large-format, high-definition display system, digital light processing projectors and high-definition broadcast cameras; a 24-station skills lab that can be divided into two 12-station labs to accommodate multiple courses at the same time; an auditorium able to seat up to 180 participants, divisible into three separate rooms, with state-of-the-art technology including a 3-D projector and, a central audio-visual control room for all OLC technology.
As to documents pertaining to agencies other than DOD, OLC submitted a so-called 'Glomar response.
Understanding those legal arguments can provide a useful "window" into executive branch policy making: just as the eventual disclosure of the Bush administration OLC memos was necessary to reveal shoddy legal analysis that supported highly questionable government counter-terrorism practices that ran counter to law, there is reason for the informed public to want to learn the legal thinking that underlies the controversial practices of the current administration.
This leads to another frequent OLC misstep: Who needs it?
OLC is scheduled to complete the pipeline linking the Mina Al Fahal Refinery to Muscat International Airport's fuel