OLCCOregon Liquor Control Commission
OLCCOur Lady of Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi, TX)
OLCCOnondaga Lake Cleanup Corporation (Syracuse, NY)
OLCCOrthodox Lutheran Confessional Conference (est. 2006)
OLCCOnline Library Cataloging Center (national cooperative library cataloging service in China)
OLCCOnline Chemistry Course (various schools)
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We knew for several years that we were outgrowing our facility," says Christie Scott, spokesperson for the OLCC.
As for major label spirits, the OLCC reports premiums such as Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo and Absolut to be popular, with super-premiums including Grey Goose Vodka and Patron also making the top 10 selling spirits in the state.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms and the OLCC must see the actual plant before issuing approval for the license.
The OLCC also conducted compliance checks last month in four other parts of the state.
We frequently bring out the tips around holidays known for alcohol use," says Christie Scott, OLCC spokesperson.
Diageo has sued the OLCC on grounds the agency did not comply with rule-making requirements under state law.
It wouldn't apply to the three planned pot growing operations because the property owners submitted applications to the OLCC before the Dunes City council tentatively approved the measure in September.
Recognizing an opportunity to showcase the scope of its reach and to share information with the Oregon legislature, the OLCC hosted a one-day event of educational panels designed to highlight the importance of the state's craft alcohol beverage industry and outline its effect on the state economy.
The OLCC already allows two grocery stores in Portland and one in Bend to sell liquor using the commission's "store within a store" program.
Diageo says the OLCC did not allow a public comment period prior to the ruling, and has not provided a reasonable amount of time for FMB makers to comply.