OLCROptical Low-Coherence Reflectometry
OLCROnline Class Registration (University of Western Australia)
OLCROffice of Licensing, Certification, and Regulation (Arizona)
OLCROriginal London Cast Recording (album; UK)
OLCROnline Character Recognition
OLCROblique Lateral Cephalometric Radiography (maxillofacial surgery)
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- ophthalmologic status (visual acuity, biomicroscopy results, intraocular pressure value measured by applanation tonometry, results of fundus examination by direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy, visual field changes described, and quantitative results of biometric measurements carried out by OLCR on a Lenstar LS 900[R] (Haag-Streit International, Koniz, Switzerland).
Using OLCR, we found differences in the values of biometric factors among the study groups, and a statistically significantly thinner cornea and thicker lens in the group of glaucomatous patients with PEX syndrome.
(8, 9) Denture base dental materials play a fundamental role in the appearance of OLCR in the oral mucosa.
Lesions of OLCR in relation to dental acrylic prosthesis are located in apposition or in near proximity to the denture base, and lesions are limited to such sites of contact.
It may be difficult to distinguish OLP, OLDR, and OLCR on the basis of clinical and/or histological findings.
In this study, our aim was to evaluate anterior segment biometry using OLCR and corneal endothelial changes with confocal microscopy in PEX syndrome/glaucoma eyes before cataract surgery and compare these findings with cataractous eyes without PEX syndrome.
Besides keratometry and intraocular lens power, this OLCR instrument also measures central corneal thickness (CCT), ACD, pupil diameter (PD), LT, axial length and retinal thickness.
None of the OLCR parameters reached statistically significant differences among the 3 groups (ANOVA p>0.05).
(7) compared the optical ocular features of 47 eyes with cataract complicated by PEX syndrome with 177 eyes with uncomplicated cataract using the Lenstar LS 900[R] OLCR instrument.
Mesopic pupil diameter measured in a dimly-lighted room with OLCR was 5.87 [+ or -] 0.85 mm and 6.29 [+ or -] 1.00 mm in smokers and non-smokers, respectively.
In conclusion, biometric measurements performed by OLCR and US biometer showed strong ICC and agreement.