OLCROptical Low-Coherence Reflectometry
OLCROnline Class Registration (University of Western Australia)
OLCROffice of Licensing, Certification, and Regulation (Arizona)
OLCROriginal London Cast Recording (album; UK)
OLCROnline Character Recognition
OLCROblique Lateral Cephalometric Radiography (maxillofacial surgery)
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It may be difficult to distinguish OLP, OLDR, and OLCR on the basis of clinical and/or histological findings.
Besides keratometry and intraocular lens power, this OLCR instrument also measures central corneal thickness (CCT), ACD, pupil diameter (PD), LT, axial length and retinal thickness.
None of the OLCR parameters reached statistically significant differences among the 3 groups (ANOVA p>0.