OLDAObjects in Large Distributed Applications
OLDAOn-Line Data Archives (various universities)
OLDAOrdinary Linear Discriminant Analysis
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References in classic literature ?
Charley began to be spoken of as the "olda woman," and I received my rating as the "pee-wee kid." The situation was fast becoming unbearable, and we knew that we should have to deliver a stunning stroke at the Greeks in order to regain the old-time respect in which we had stood.
Many of these occur only once, but some verbs such as ole-ske-l-da (be-FREQ-FREQ-INF) < olda ' be ' are very frequent.
As the Germans, having already gobbled up Austria, moved in on Czechoslovakia in 1938, Kokoschka and Olda fled to England on the last plane to leave Prague.
"In our market, the warranty we care about is the one-year homeowners' warranty," concurs Kim Roberson, a builder in Tulsa, Olda. "The buyers will never even look at the product warranties.
Tereza Zuzana Norisova Simon Jan Revai Tatinek Tomas Hanak Olda Martin Kubacak Bugyna Betka Stankova Julca Anna Vesela Eman Lubos Kostelny Bob Jaromir Nosek Priest Frantisek Nemec Alzbeta Sona Norisova Professor Jirina Bohdalova Closely Watched Trains" meets Jacques Demy in Filip Renc's jaw-droppingly buoyant "Rebels," which posits a retro, candy-colored Czechoslovakia on the eve of the 1968 Soviet invasion.
When her boat is approaching the Saxon castle where she is to be rescued, she lies to Olda the constable to conceal her identity and convinces him she is a Saxon, because she can speak the Saxon language: "And she answered to hym and sayde that she was a Saxonesse and born in Saxon.
"The house has a strong personality," Madam Olda FitzGerald, the gracious wife of the present knight, confided when we talked over tea in their Dublin town house.
Olda.--Refusing to let expanding megachains monopolize the retail pharmacy business in Oklahoma and Missouri, May's Drug Stores, a fixture here for more than 60 years, is riding its own "Rocket to the New Millennium," which will carry it to 45 outlets by 2001.
But he is distracted by marital problems with his wife Alina and by a dizzying and life-restoring affair with the remarkable historian Olda Andozerskaya whom he meets at a Petersburg dinner party.
For example, key loops in the olda routine of the TRFD benchmark include array subscripts involving nonlinear induction variables.