OLDIOnline Data Interchange
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These changes refocus our efforts and position OLDI for growth in our core and new businesses," said Mr.
Whether to get to market quickly with new technology or to offload your development team of legacy development, OLDI can improve your time-to-market while minimizing supply chain risk via a global manufacturing base.
Jeff's experience with world-class sales and marketing organizations is a valuable addition to our team," said OLDI President and CEO Ron Monday.
The possibility of performance reports COF and MAS support OLDI handover,
b) The unification of the editors of the modules AOL OLDI, CDM, SYSCO ESUP system to complete the application, compact Dataset Editor (DSE).
a) All HIFI simulators Authority (HIFI SIMU IATCC, 3D TWR SIM, SIMU LKTB TR7, TR7 LKMT SIMU) - Adjustment ESUP / EMAN, LV list of flights and the scenario for the possibility of addressable OLDI handover to a particular sector;
Among its main features include mainly reception and processing of flight plan data and flight data coordination between sectors and surrounding systems, receiving reports of allocation / change / cancellation slot from CFMU AFTN messaging, OLDI, AMA and providing other functions including generating and printing flight strips, or their presentation on electronic screens strips.