OLDLOxidized Low-Density Lipoprotein
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The scheme for human x mouse cells producing human IgG/IgM antibodies against oLDL is shown in Figure 1.
After the clones were first tested by ELISA on day 7,116 out of 480 wells were identified as giving positive signals for human IgG antibodies binding to oLDL. Only 45 wells contained cells producing human IgM antibodies.
From these data, we conclude that the fusion of murine and human cells is possible and at least in individual cases can result in stable secretion of human antibodies binding to oLDL. Furthermore, as the human donor did not receive any kind of immunization against MDA-LDL, these results support the hypothesis that epitopes like MDA-LDL adducts are generated in vivo and may cause immune reactions leading to anti-MDA-LDL immunoglobulins.