OLEMOur Lady and the English Martyrs (Cambridge, England, UK)
OLEMOffice of Local Environmental Management (New Jersey)
OLEMOffice for Lay Ecclesial Ministry (religion)
OLEMOther Loans Especially Mentioned (loans criticized by bank examiners, aka OAEM or SM)
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For disabled users, Olem and Same'e are recommended apps.
o hol van?" (3) (Munkacsi 1894 : 49); LM "Mint az ejszaki vogulban, ugy itt is a 'lenni' igenek szabalyszeru olem, olen praesenskepzese 'elni, lakni' jelentesben alkalmazodik; e mellett a 'vagyok, vagy' kifejezesei: osem, osen; pl.
Bana hoodwinks the group, which also includes young Mulokole (Bonny "Lot" Olem), after a startling raid by thuggish tax authorities, who use intimidating methods with impunity.
Various authors have reported that urban storm water runoff is among the top four causes of water quality impairment of rivers in the United States (Novotny 1991; Novotny and Olem 1994, Walker et al.
Another consideration in developing a sampling scheme is the number of samples that can be collected and analyzed by a laboratory in a reasonable time frame (Novotny & Olem 1994).
Underlying the literary-historical study of the relationships between the creator, the Hebrew and Yiddish writer and journalist Sh olem Yankev Abramovitsh, and the creation, the fictional narrator-character Reb Mendele Moykher Sforim, was the existential problem of "the other within us." As a result, Miron distances himself from "those who have consecrated 'Mendele' as the foundation of a modem, humanistic, 'constructive' Yiddish culture," and tries to understand "the Mendele phenomenon" as "a desperate attempt on the part of a modem Jewish artist to break through the walls of his own being" (p.
289 Dinar, Seidl, Olem, Jorden, Duda, and Johnson, Restoring and Protecting the World's Lakes and Reservoirs
In lakes, the replacement typically occurs after a year or two, notes Harvey Olem, a Washington, D.C.-based consultant.
In the UAE, some of the popular emergency apps residents should be aware of include the National Ambulance app 998, in addition to Dubai Ambulance's app Olem and Same'e.
The Eugene group Inner Limits, lead by guitarist and vocalist Olem Alves, plays a mix of originals and funky jazz tunes.