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OLESOffice of Law Enforcement Standards
OLESOffice of Literacy and Essential Skills (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada)
OLESOpen Label Extension Study (pharmaceutical research)
OLESOn-Line Executive Summit
OLESOne-Line Element Set
OLESOlivocochlear Lateral Efferent System
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Ole Ericsen was obstinate for a long time; but in the end, after we had had dinner with him, he was brought round to consent.
Charley and Ole intently studied the evening sky for signs of wind, for without a good breeze our project was doomed to failure.
The drag of a single net is very heavy, and Charley and Ole Ericsen decided that even in such a wind ten nets were all the Mary Rebecca could take along with her.
Ole Ericsen was rubbing his huge hands in child-like glee.
"Ay tank you fish patrol fallers never ban so lucky as when you sail with Ole Ericsen," he was saying, when a rifle cracked sharply astern, and a bullet gouged along the newly painted cabin, glanced on a nail, and sang shrilly onward into space.
Tole ole Ham to watch me, too--servants spyin' on me--whuzyer think that, my fren'?
You're up against it, same as me, an' you can unerstan' a feller; your heart's in the right place, by Harry--come 'long, ole chappie, an' we'll light up the house, an' have some fizz, an' we'll raise hell, we will--whoop-la!
"Fool you, though, ole chappie--they're all little ones!
"Here, ole man," he said, "you take it." He held it out fluttering.
Not long after Mary came back from the asylum, I heard a young Dane, who was helping us to thresh, tell Jake and Otto that Chris Lingard's oldest girl had put Ole Benson out of his head, until he had no more sense than his crazy wife.
After the last hymn had been sung, and the congregation was dismissed, Ole slipped out to the hitch-bar and lifted Lena on her horse.
But Lena Lingard only laughed her lazy, good-natured laugh and rode on, gazing back over her shoulder at Ole's infuriated wife.